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Q: What is The FIVE FIFTHS?

A: The FIVE FIFTHS is the creative innovation of Willoughby Avenue, founder of KOLUMN Magazine, KINDR’D Magazine and digital channels serving Communities of Color. We believe in the power of an informed and mobilized Vote. Communities of Color can now quickly learn more about candidates who represent their shared interests and mobilize friends, family and neighbors through sharing.

Q: Does The FIVE FIFTHS feature all Candidates of Color?

A:  The FIVE FIFTHS launched with a base set of one-hundred plus candidates throughout the country. Post Launch (2018), The Five-Fifths has adopted an Invitation-based approach to featuring new candidates that represent the broad spectrum of priorities within Communities of Color.


Q: Can I submit a candidate for consideration?

A:  Yes. Please use the Submit New Candidate form to submit a candidate for consideration.


Q: Will The FIVE FIFTHS add more U.S. Political Office Candidates?

A:  Yes. It is important to note that The FIVE FIFTHS features political candidates that have advanced beyond 2018 U.S. State primaries. As these states complete their Primaries, and party candidates secure nominations, we will feature these candidates. Please find below, the 2018 Primary Elections by State and territory Schedule:


Q: How do I Mobilize My Vote?

A: The FIVE FIFTHS site visitors are encouraged to support candidates that you believe represent your interests, by sharing what you’ve learned throughout the entire election cycle… And of course, Voting.




Q: Can U.S. Political Candidates promote their candidacy through The FIVE FIFTHS?

A:  Yes. The FIVE FIFTHS, through Willoughby Avenue, an independent agency & publisher, offers highly-effective targeted campaigns for both local and national markets. Our valued campaigns satisfy more than just the immediate concern of the election cycle, but are designed to garner support for legislative initiatives throughout the calendar. Please contact us at social@thefivefifths.com.



A:  We are uniquely positioned to offer candidates access to well-established Audiences of Color that generate more than 2M Impressions per month amongst subscribers of social brands like KOLUMN Magazine & KINDR’D Magazine. No Other agency provides access to established audiences that share your core interests.

Q: Is a FIVE FIFTHS Media Kit available?

A:  Yes. Please download our Media Kit from the following link: Download