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We Are

Where the color of politics lives.

Five-Fifths (5/5) is the creative innovation of Willoughby Avenue, founder of KOLUMN Magazine, KINDR'D Magazine and digital channels serving People of Color. We believe in the power of information, and 5/5 represents our commitment to our communities.


Our Reach

The Willoughby Avenue Ad Network generates more than 1.9M Targeted Impressions per month, with content the serves the interests of People of Color.


Our Brands

KOLUMN Magazine, a digital publication, celebrates the lives of People of Color. We curate content globally, that focuses on historic, economic, political and social issues that impact our communities.

KINDR’D Magazine, a digital & print publication, shares the Travel, Art and Cultural experiences of People of Color. Published twice per year, KINDR’D is filled with personal stories that capture the discovery of new and familiar places, art, culture and of course, great food. Our photo-centric publication is anchored by the rich imagery of contributors, and contextualized by their written experiences.

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